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Proud to make quality fashion “Made in Italy”

Today so as ever, Il Trenino creates hats, scarves, gloves, shoes for newborns and accessories with the continuous research of first quality materials, combined with the careful study of fashion trends and of the italian design, maintaining the best tradition of hand workmanship, to realize lovingly every detail and transforming every creation in a unique piece.
The Woolmark trademark is one of the guarantees that renders all Il Trenino creations precious and exclusive and certifies the “100% Made in Italy” of every single item: every step of the production takes place in Italy, in accordance with the respect of the environment and of the safety rules.
Time goes on, parents and children become more and more demanding, and Il Trenino grows, transforms and renews itself to please the demands of both, gaining favour in Italy and abroad and becoming synonym of high quality and style.
Il Trenino is also one of the founders of the Italian Kids Fashion consortium, which since 1998 joins together the best Italian companies of “Made in Italy” children’s fashion.

From the idea to the finished article

All our collections are manufactured exclusively with the most precious and noblest threads, on looms with a range of thread lightness from 3 to 12.
We take care of every single step of the production, with attentive quality controls and handmade finishing of every item, to give that extra-fine touch that technology in itself can’t give.
The passion for children’s fashion and the craftsmanship tradition bestow on every creation of Il Trenino the guarantee of high quality and typical Italian taste.

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